There is a major debate about artificial intelligence.

On one side you have¬†Elon Musk who says that AI can be dangerous and that it needs to be regulated as soon as possible. On the other, you have people like Mark Zuckerberg saying that AI is nowhere close to being the super intelligence that Musk is fear-mongering about. (A little ironic because Mark Zuckerberg built the artificial intelligence that made it possible for a group like Cambridge Analytica to manipulate voters to impact an American presidential election… I say artificial intelligence because I have used Facebook’s custom audiences tool and it is crazy what they can do with the data that they have.) Continue reading Super-intelligence

Programming and Pattern Recognition

My thoughts on how learning programming gave me a second sight and thus a major advantage as well as happiness and fulfillment. 

Before I started learning how to program I thought that programmers and computer engineers were wizards who were able to understand some magical language that I could not comprehend. These wizards could wave a wand and bring a tech application to life. Continue reading Programming and Pattern Recognition