About Me

I graduated from Stony Brook University in 2015 and got my first full-time job.

That year I heard a crazy story. Apparently you could walk into a store, scan a book on the Amazon Seller app, and make a profit. I thought that was crazy but I walked into my local thrift shop, scanned a couple of books, bought an archaic textbook for $5, and sold it within hours for $30+. I was hooked. That weekend I scanned all the books in my library. I have to thank Mike Rezendes, aka Reezy Resells for getting me started. I had many ups and downs since then and today I’m working on reaching those 7 figures with the help of incredible sellers like Jamie Miralles.

I have heard that I have developed a reputation in the Amazon seller community as an unofficial notetaker, so I hope that you find my collection of posts useful.

See you at the top.